Biz Media Group has been linked to electronic media and print media for the past 12 years and has been working as a bridge between the communities. It has been functioning with the prime objective of linking different communities living in and around the Montreal and enhance their economic and cultural ties. Due to Biz Media Directory, Montreal’s different communities’ businesses will become more successful in the main stream markets as well. By promoting prosperity and co-operation among Montreal’s South Asian and Arabic Communities, we are acting as a launching pad for different businesses which have not been properly exposed yet to Montreal.

Our Objectives are

  • To act as a platform for different communities of Montreal.
  • Promote interactive marketing & advertising channels.
  • Create and provide more marketing opportunities.
  • Support all the cultural activities through business promotions.
  • Encourage new product development.
  • Provide meaningful intelligence strategies for the businesses of Montreal.
  • Facilitate efficient knowledge and technology sharing.
  • Promote and create new technology and invention ideas.
  • Ensuring economic sustainability.
  • Developing a global business relationship.
  • Achieve our economic wellbeing.
  • Stimulate economic development planning.